Welcome to Armageddon
Welcome to Armageddon 


The next few pages found in the above menu will explain the reason God via Christ created mankind, how it all started in the beginning and how it will end.  Or that being the Alpha and the Omega.

But first:






A person will do well if they realize there is one God but we recognize the devil is aware of this too, James 2:19.

And the reason this is important to understand is because I may be acquainted with you or maybe not.  But in either case I can only see what you reveal unto me and not the depths of your heart.  Thereby, I am not capable of judging anyone, Matthew 7:1!  For when you judge a person as good or determine he is bad, you have judged him either way. 

A con-artist has to appear good to deceive, and the devil is the biggest con out there.

It is for this reason all of us are judged by God and the teachings Jesus delivered, John 12:48.  For Christ came to lead us out of sin and gave us instructions on how this was possible, Luke 9:23. 

So it is not my goal to trick or beguile anyone by speaking attractive, deceitful, and charming words.  But to share the truth as I know it, 2 Corinthians 11:2-3. 

And as the apostles before me said it makes me sad to cause any person sorrow.  Yet, I know if you have eyes to see the end result will lead to repentance. 2 Corinthians 7:9.


God isn’t vain and for this reason there is a reason God created mankind, Isaiah 45:18.


As children we will create or make things to learn but as adults we have a reason.  If you consider God, the creator, He didn’t want to create the world and people just so they could kill each other, famines, children abused, and all kinds of other evils! Much less would He create other worlds with these same attributes! I mean He had more sense that that, right!


When Christ came the Jew’s, God’s elect and those who were religious didn’t believe in him nor did they accept that he came from heaven. So do you think the world will believe in him on his return, John 18:37, 1Cor 15:49?




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